Advice for Victims of Violence and Harassment

Press Criminal Charges

If you have been harassed, attacked or assaulted you should contact the police immediately. The police will be able to arrest and charge the aggressor, who will subsequently be required to appear in Court. They may also have bail conditions imposed upon them meaning that their freedom is dependent upon leaving you alone.

Under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the police have extensive powers to help should you feel you are being stalked or harassed.

Fleeing Violence

If you have been forced to leave your home to the violence you face there are people there to support you. Woman’s Aid offers a lot of help to women in such situations and will be able to help find you temporary accommodation. If you leave with children, you will be seen as a priority.

Those fleeing violence should also think about seeking a Court Order against the aggressor to prevent them from causing any further harm. Solicitors authorised by the Legal Services Commission may also grant you legal aid for your Court Order Application provided that you are financially eligible. This Order can prohibit the aggressor from making any contact with you and is designed to protect you.

Telephone Harassment

If you are being harassed over the phone, British Telecom offers services to help. Firstly, they provide a tracer service in such exceptional circumstances or could simply change you phone number.

How your solicitor can help

Having the help of a family law solicitor on your side following violence or harassment can be invaluable. You solicitor can support you in a number of ways. For example, he/she can warn the aggressor in writing that if their behaviour does not stop, the Court will be asked to intervene. Should abuse continue after this point, your Solicitor can apply to the Court for an Order.

• Subject to your financial eligibility, the Legal Services Commission may help you with your solicitor’s fees.

Please note that although we are always more than happy to help the victims of domestic violence – we are unable to do so using legal aid