Take immediate action to divorce abroad

If you married abroad you do not necessarily have to get divorced in the same country. Furthermore, those who married in England may find that by divorcing abroad in a country which they have some link to, they receive a favourable financial share from the divorce.

Filing for divorce abroad often comes down to a race between spouses. Those hoping to divorce in an EU member state must get their papers in early because the case will be heard in whichever country received the papers first. The very different approaches towards financial orders held across Europe mean that thousands of pounds could be gained from winning this race and this could come down to matter of minutes. Whilst we are normally steadfastly committed to encouraging couples to try mediation, collaborative law and negotiation outside of court, in the case of overseas divorce you must seek specialist legal advice before entertaining these options.

Whilst issuing first is of paramount importance for countries within the EU, it may be less significant for countries outside Europe. Nevertheless, acting immediately could still bring certain advantages so we recommend getting in touch post-haste.

Don’t leave it too late to seek advice on divorcing abroad

If you are considering an overseas divorce, or a divorce involving a foreign national, you will need a solicitor with cross-jurisdictional expertise and experience of this complicated area of international divorce law. Our divorce solicitors have the know-how you need so get in touch today.

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