Are family and friends talking you into divorce?

Divorce should be considered the last resort when addressing marital problems, but when a relationship becomes irreparable it is arguably the only options left. However, The Times has recently reported that it may be your friends that push you towards the dreaded “D word” and play a role in making the end of a relationship final.

A study conducted by insight community technologies provider Vision Critical has shown that friends and family can play a pivotal part in crucial marital decisions. Over 2000 people participated in the study, with men coming out as more affected by the “ripple effect” caused by others who have gone through divorce. Getting divorced is considered to be the final straw in a failing marriage, out of the two sexes men have been revealed to be more influenced by others than women. 23% of British men who have gone through divorce proceedings openly admit that they had been influenced by friends and family who had previously been divorced themselves. However, only 15% women said that those around them had influenced them during trying times in their marriage.

Do celebrity divorces influence people?

It is often reported that high profile celebrity divorces can play a role in a spouses decision making, however that has been proven to be mere myth. During the course of the study it was shown that only a small amount of people were influenced in their relationship by the actions of celebrities.

Divorce is a hotly discussed topic and the results of the Vision Critical study will surprise many, largely because of how the media portrays the modern divorce dynamic. Law firms often receive new clients in divorce cases based on recommendations of former divorced clientele. However, it is strongly advised that individuals take up independent legal advice from a specialist divorce regarding any aspect of family breakdown, civil partnership dissolution or divorce – as every marital breakdown is unique. Remember to evaluate the available options before discussing divorce, with any decision made needing to be yours, not those of your close friends and family.

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