Birth certificates – registering the father’s details

The law dictates that the birth of your child must be registered within 6 weeks of the birth in the registration district where the child was born. Registration is very straightforward, only taking around 20 minutes of your time and it’s free.

As things stand, only the name of the child’s mother needs to be registered on the birth certificate and whilst the father’s name can be listed, it is not a requirement. As a result, there are thought to be over 50,000 infants born every year whose birth certificates do not mention a father.

This has little impact on those fathers who are married to the child’s mother; however fathers who are not married to the mother can be put in a difficult position when it comes to parental responsibility when it comes to parental responsibility if they are not listed on the birth certificate.

Unmarried fathers do not automatically assume parental responsibility and in fact, they can only achieve parental responsibility if they go with the mother to register the birth. If both parents are married then either parent can go to register the birth. An unmarried father can assume parental responsibility of the child in various ways however the most straightforward way is to be named on the birth certificate.

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