Breaking up – dealing with the practicalities

There are various practicalities which need to be considered following any relationship or marriage break up and it can be very difficult to sort these out given the emotion and tension which is likely to be involved. If your unfortunate enough to be getting divorced or going through civil partnership dissolution or relationship breakdown, you really need to take into account the following:


It is important to establish what will happen with the family home fairly early on. It must be decided who will remain in the family home (if anyone) and by which date the other person must move out. In order to decide this, parties will need to work out whether or not they can afford to stay in the home of course. Electricity, gas and water providers for example should also be informed about the changes to that the accounts can be transferred. Insurance providers should also be informed about the changes. You should also let the council know because your council tax will drop by a quarter if you live alone. It is also important that you get your mail redirected and inform people that your address has changed.

If the property was a rental property, it is important to bear in mind when the tenancy will end and whether it will be transferred to either party. Checking that there are no outstanding rent payments will also be crucial.

If you owned the property, you will need to ensure that there are no outstanding mortgage payments and that you obtain the permission of the mortgage lender if the plan is to transfer the property.


Your separation will affect any state benefit that you are receiving so it is important that you inform the government that you and your ex-partner will no longer co-habit. You may also need to be assessed to see if you now qualify for any other state benefits.

Debts and Bank accounts

If you have any outstanding debts you will need to decide between you who will pay off your creditors.

Untangling your bank accounts will also be important particularly if you have any joint accounts.


Most importantly, you will need to minimise the disruption caused to your children. Establishing contact arrangements is a crucial step so that it is known how long you will have the children for and when. It is also important to inform the children’s GP and school about the separation.


If you have already made a will, parts will need to be rewritten given the change in circumstances following divorce. The guardians listed for your children and inheritance arrangements will need to be altered for example.

If your pension policy lists your ex-partner as a beneficiary you are also likely to want to amend this.

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