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Divorce and relationship breakdown are tough, really tough – there is no getting away from the fact that breaking up with your spouse or partner is one of the life’s most stressful events. And on top of that, sorting out all of the legal issues, is often one of the hardest parts of the process.

Having the right family law solicitor to support and advise you through the process is so important.

How do I pick the right solicitor?

Everybody, and every divorce, is different – that’s why one family lawyer won’t suit everyone. But here are five simple tips to help you find the right solicitor to represent you.

o Instruct an expert. It’s risky putting your trust in a solicitor who dabbles in lots of different areas of law. Family law and divorce is all our specialist team do – so you can rely on us for genuine expertise

o Instruct a solicitor who appreciates that the legal issues arising out of family breakdown are not battles to be won – they are problems that need practical solutions

o Instruct someone who you feel comfortable talking to. Getting divorced often involves revealing personal information – and you must ensure that your solicitor knows exactly what’s going on and is kept up-to-date . To achieve that, you have to feel comfortable with them

o Instruct someone who can listen – listening is a real skill, and should never be taken for granted. And yes, some solicitors do like the sound of their own voice! But every single relationship breakdown and divorce is different, and you need to be confident that your chosen solicitor really understands what you want

o Properly check out your solicitor before you instruct them. Have a good look at the firm’s website, and chat to the solicitor first – taking up any offer for free phone advice, or a free first appointment, and making sure you’re confident that their approach to your divorce or family law issue is right for you

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, our family law team offer FREE initial phone advice, and a FREE first 30-minute interview.

Our Family Law Team are Specialists

Our team cover all aspects of divorce and family law – ranging from pensions to separation agreements, and civil partnership dissolution to international child abduction.

All of our family team are committed to avoiding confrontation in cases wherever possible, especially when children are involved.

Taking a formal divorce application to a contested final hearing at court is incredibly expensive, very slow and often involves a degree of uncertainty – and as a result, it and can massively increase the stress involved in your divorce. So we always try to reach an amicable settlement for our clients wherever possible – and we are proud to say that well over 95% of our divorce clients avoid a contested final hearing.

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