Child Access Rights for Grandparents Post-Divorce

It can be very worrying for grandparents when the parents of their grandchildren get divorced. Today, grandparents often play an increasingly active role in the grandchildren’s upbringing, perhaps due to the busy schedules of parents in the 21st century. Therefore, it can be very upsetting for the grandchildren and the grandparents post-divorce because contact between them is not guaranteed.

What are Grandparent’s Rights of Access?

Grandparents have no inherent rights of access, which means that they can easily be forgotten in the process of divorce. Sadly, it is the children who often lose out as a result, especially in instances where the grandparents played a significant role in looking after them.

It is crucial for grandparents looking to maintain contact with their grandchildren to approach the mother and father explaining that there is no intention to take sides in the divorce, but merely to safeguard the interests of the children by keeping access.

What If Access Is Refused?

Sometimes matters cannot be resolved in which case you may have to apply to the court for a contact order granting you access to your grandchildren (this is known as “seeking leave of court”). This process begins with asking the court for permission to make an application, which is generally a straightforward procedure. Once permission is granted the court will consider your reasons for applying and will involve both parents, and even the children if necessary depending on their age and maturity, which can take some time. After all investigations are complete the court will make a decision.

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