Choosing a suitable divorce lawyer

There are various things to consider when choosing your divorce lawyers, so it is advisable to avoid rushing into a decision.

You may want your solicitor to have a certain level of experience and may find that you would be more comfortable communicating with a particular gender. Whatever your preferences are, make sure that you choose a lawyer specialising in family law and not simply trying their hand at a divorce case.

Cost will also play a key part in your decision. You may for example opt for a younger, less experienced lawyer because you could save money. However, you should still ensure that your solicitor has specialist accreditation from Resolution UK.

You need to consider how much involvement you want to have in the legal aspects of your case. It may be that you wish to explore family mediation or collaborative lawyer and if this is the case, you should ensure that the lawyer you choose has expertise in these areas. You should make sure that your divorce lawyer also has significant of taking cases to court though because it is always possible that your divorce could end up in the courts.

Don’t forget that it is not just your lawyer you will have to deal with but the firm that employs them. The firm should be easily accessible, welcoming and easy to contact. It is crucial that the firm keeps you well-informed about developments in your case and details of payment. A firm that does not keep in touch or return calls promptly will not inspire confidence.

One of the most important things is that you get on with your lawyer. Your lawyer will have to maintain a certain level of emotional disconnection from the case though and remain professional in all dealings with you and the other side. This means avoiding any aggression towards your spouse or gossiping about the other side. Your lawyer will need to be able balance strength and assertiveness with the sensitivity and compassion needed to understand your position. Make sure that your solicitor is a good listener as well but don’t forget that time is money!

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