Divorce and separation – 12 questions to help you decide on the right legal approach

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, we are strong supporters of Resolution [previously known as the SFLA – Solicitors Family Law Association], the family law organisation representing around 6,500 divorce and family lawyers in England and Wales. In fact, all of our family team are Resolution members.

In addition to a campaigning role, they also produce a lot of useful material.

Now, of course, every relationship breakdown and divorce is different. One document that recently caught our eye was a list of the factors which could help you decide which approach you take towards resolving any legal issues you have following as a result of separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution.

So here are resolutions useful list of common factors that you need to consider when deciding how to deal with your divorce or separation are;

1. Do you want to prioritize what’s best for your children?

2. Do you want the legal process to be as pain free as possible?

3. Would you like to feel in control of decisions that need to be made about you and your family’s future?

4. Do you want to avoid a slow and drawn out legal battle?

5. Do you want to reduce legal costs down and prefer to keep control of the costs?

6. Are your personal or family finances clear or complicated?

7. Do you think there is an equal power and your relationship – in particular, are you worried about being dominated until related by a powerful personality?

8. Do you think you will need help to win a fair result?

9. Are you concerned by having to deal with the financial and other aspects of your relationship breakdown alone?

10. Are you looking for an approach can bring you closure and certainty?

11. Do you need to understand the process and play a part in reaching a solution ?

12. Are your personal or family finances clear or complicated?

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Our family law team includes qualified family mediators and collaborative lawyers and here at Bonallack and Bishop, our family lawyers are strong supporters of these two approaches – but they’re not right for everyone. So for expert advice on all aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown, why not have a look at the questions above, and give our team a ring for free initial phone advice and a free first half hour appointment.

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