Divorce and pensions – FAQ

Can the court give an order in respect of a frozen pension?

Yes, when you are going through a divorce, if you or your former spouse are have frozen pension plans, then the Court has to consider these pensions alongside any other pensions you have.

When would I need an actuarial valuation of a pension?

An actuarial valuation of a pension fund may be required to resolve financial issues arising out of a divorce. An actuary can report on the following:

  •  The correct value of the pension, if one of the parties is suggesting the valuation provided by the scheme is incorrect.
  •  How the pension or pensions can be shared to achieve equality of income in retirement.
  •  The value of the pension for offsetting purposes
  •  How the pension or pensions can be shared to achieve equality of capital

Does a clean break order affect the possibility of winning a share of my spouse’s pension?

Yes, in divorce,  if a full clean break order is made, no further orders can be made in respect of matrimonial assets. Accordingly, if your spouse has a pension which you wish to make a claim against, you should not agree to a clean break until the issue with pensions is resolved.

If you want to make a claim against your spouse’s pension or pensions you should do so. It may be that as part of a final settlement you will agree that when the pension has been shared there will be a clean break. This will depend on all of the circumstances of the case.

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