Divorce during tough economic times

As well as putting added strain on relationships, the economic downturn is making the prospect of divorce itself more daunting. If your relationship is on the verge of breakdown, the following pointers could help:

• Before making any major decisions it may be a good idea to attend family therapy or counselling. You can do this with your partner or by yourself and it can help you decide what you really want.

• Choosing the right solicitor is of paramount importance should you decide to press ahead with divorce. You should make sure that the solicitor you instruct is one of the 5,000 or so family and divorce lawyers recognised as specialists by Resolution. All the family lawyers at our firm are Resolution members demonstrating that we have the expertise required.

• You should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity – simply going to the first meeting with a solicitor will help introduce you to the various paths you can take for your divorce. Your first half-hour meeting with one of our divorce solicitors is FREE.

• In the past, when you instructed a solicitor to take charge of your divorce case you essentially relinquished all control. That is no longer the case and if you choose to instruct a solicitors solely for certain parts of your divorce then that is your choice. For example, perhaps you would prefer to do most of the paperwork for your case but would like your solicitors help at court hearings or for financial matters.

• If you have children, it is always best to try and reach agreements together. Involving the courts can make the situation very stressful for both you and your children. Mediation is a very good way of encouraging partners to reach agreements over the issues involved in divorce between themselves under the guidance of an impartial mediator. At Bonallack & Bishop, we have 2 qualified mediators.

• Collaborative law is another way of reaching divorce settlements agreeably without recourse to the expense, acrimony and delay of traditional litigation. Both collaborative law and family mediation are growing in popularity and becoming more widely available.

• It is worth considering a post-nuptial agreement. ‘Post-nups’ are essentially the same as ‘pre-nups’ but they are signed after a couple become married rather than before. These agreements can secure certain assets so that they are not redistributed should you divorce. For example, if you received inheritance during your marriage, you may wish that this is not shared with your partner if you divorce. Although these are not legally binding in England and Wales, they are growing in popularity and the courts increasingly uphold their terms.

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