‘Divorce Is Too Easy’ – Say Divorcees

A study into attitude towards divorce in Britain has made an interesting finding – even divorcees believe that couple in the UK can divorce too easily.

The ICM poll, which surveyed 2000 Britons, found that 60% of those polled though that there are too few deterrents in place to discourage couples from divorcing. Of those individuals who were married, nearly 60% believed that it was not difficult enough to divorce and surprisingly, the number of divorcees who felt the same was only 2% lower.

The findings come after an unexpected rise in the divorce rate last year which left many people fearing for the strength of the institution of marriage. With divorce lawyersreporting a growing number of cases it is widely predicted that this rate could increase yet further.

The recession has been blamed for the increasing number of divorcees with economists suggesting that the reduction in household income has placed more pressure on marriages and made divorce proceedings more hostile as parties compete for fewer resources.

As the economic situation improves (albeit slowly) there it is believed that the divorce rate will increase further because these couples who were put off divorce by the cost will have the finances to do it.

For the first time, married couples are in the minority in the UK, the national Census revealed. Over 4 million people across England and Wales are divorced and with the ICM poll suggesting that young people and divorcees surprisingly agreeing that divorce is too easy, there may now be calls for legal hurdles to be added to the divorce process. Otherwise, it is feared that couples will rush into divorces and that consequently, respect for the institution of marriage could diminish.

However, whilst the apparent decline of marriage will strike fear into the hearts of traditionalists, others will celebrate the death of the social stigma which is currently attached to divorce. Indeed, whilst the poll showed that the majority of divorcees felt that divorce was too easy, many family lawyers stress that divorce is only quick and simple in cases where the parties are agree on difficult issues. For those couples who cannot agree, the process can be lengthy and perhaps not so straightforward.

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