Your Divorce Lawyer and Cutting Divorce Costs

Divorce can be an emotionally draining time, especially when you have to factor in all of the issues to do with your finances. From arranging who will be paying for the children, to sorting out pension arrangements and setting up separate bank accounts, there is a lot to think about. You also need to take into consideration the cost of the divorce itself, including solicitor’s fees and court costs.

We know that divorce can be expensive, and so our lawyers are dedicated to using our expertise to help you keep your legal bill down.

Be prepared

One way of keeping legal costs as low as possible is to collect together as much information as you can before your first meeting with your divorce lawyer.

For instance, if you can gather together important details such as your full name, date of birth, address, your spouse’s full name, names and ages of children, information on your finances and a list of issues you’d like your lawyer to address, this will be really helpful. Providing the information as a written summary would be especially useful.

It can also help if you have your Marriage Certificate to hand, as having this straight away (either the original copy or certified copy from the Registry Office) can save time.

Be proactive

Doing as much form-filling and document-finding as you can yourself will mean that your lawyer has less work to do, saving you money. For instance, Form E is one of the main forms associated with divorce, and it is where you lay out the details of your family’s finances. If possible, you should fill in as much information yourself as you can and also find as many supporting documents as possible before you pass it over to your lawyer. The form should make it clear which documents you need to supply.

Pension valuation

Getting your pension valuation on your behalf is something that your divorce solicitors could do, but it will cost you much less to do it yourself. The valuation is important as pensions are often the largest asset in the family. All you need to do is write to your pension company to ask for your current transferable.

Assemble financial documents

As you progress through your divorce proceedings, you will need to provide various financial documents. You should ask your divorce lawyer which specific documents you need as it is likely to vary from case to case, but these could well be expected to include:

• Three recent payslips and a P60

• A year’s worth of bank statements

• A valuation of your home (three, if possible)

• A recent credit card bill and loan statement, if you have any

• Details of assets

• A mortgage redemption certificate from your mortgage company

Be prompt

Being on time with your actions and replies can also help to keep down legal costs. This is because your lawyer will bill you for every time they have to call you or write to you, so making sure you take action when it is needed without being reminded will help.

Ask your Divorce Lawyer

There might also be other action that you can take in your specific case, so do raise the issue about what else you can do to keep your legal costs down with one of our  lawyers.

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