Divorce – Is it Too Late to Switch Solicitors?

Changing your solicitor during your divorce needn’t be a complicated process. If you feel that your interests could be better served with a different family lawyer, you should not hesitate to make the change, whether you are in the early stages of the legal process or a more developed stage. Why Change? There are many possible justifications for moving to a different solicitor. Perhaps you have had a breakdown in communication, you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, or you simply wish to entrust your claim to a solicitor with more experience and expertise. Switching solicitors is your prerogative and you needn’t feel guilty about making the change. How to Change Provided that you do not attempt to switch just before a court hearing and that your outgoing solicitor has been paid in full for their services to date, you can change straightforwardly. If you decide to come to us, we will inform your current solicitor of your desire to move on and ask for the transferral of your case file. We will then get up to speed with your case, offering you advice on how to move forward before getting down to work. It is that simple. Will it be expensive? No – any costs incurred will be relatively low and your decision will prove to be an economical one in time. After all, if changing solicitors ensures your peace of mind, guarantees more professional conduct of your claim and leads to a better outcome in your divorce settlement, you’ll consider it good value. Get in touch today You only get one shot at finalising your divorce and it will have a marked impact on the rest of your life, so make sure that you instruct the right solicitor. So, if you are thinking about changing your divorce solicitor, you won’t regret choosing one of our expert family lawyers.

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