Divorce Week starts on Jan 7th 2013

As all experienced divorce solicitors are well aware, the weeks following the Christmas and New Year breaks can be very busy for them – with many people taking the start of the New Year as an opportunity to review their life and get divorced. It’s very made worse by the fact that many people whose relationship is already in difficulties, spend a lot of time together over the holiday period – and this can sometimes make things worse. The festive period really isn’t jolly for everyone.

However, on a positive note, some people see making a fresh start in the New Year as a positive step forward.

Whatever your view on divorce, our team can help. If you have decided that your relationship has irretrievably broken down and that you want a divorce, you need specialist legal advice so you know where you stand.

Don’t forget that our team of divorce lawyers offer free legal advice – why not take advantage of either our free out of hours service which is extended this year over the holiday period, or come to see as in the New Year – when your first half hour legal advice on any divorce or family law issue will be absolutely.