Easing the stress of divorce

Although divorce can be a stressful and often costly process with a large degree of uncertainly and anxiety about the future, it is unfortunately fairly common and therefore you do not need to face it alone. If you are also able to divorce amicably it is much better for both parties’ mental wellbeing. In addition, there are plenty of books and other sources of information you can consult to arm yourself with the best advice possible before visiting a solicitor.

• Let your friends and family know what has happened so that you don’t have to deal with it on your own

• Talk to a friend who has been through a similar experience or find a support group or counseling, e.g. through Relate

• if you think that you and your partner are likely to be able to discuss matters reasonably with a view to reaching an agreed settlement – consider either using the collaborative law or family mediation process [will need specially qualified divorce lawyers for both of these] – both of which can save costs, speed matters up and most importantly finalise divorce with a minimum of bad feeling – especially critical if children are involved

• Be patient and embrace the time period between separation and the Decree Absolute

• Behave in an honourable manner and try not to embroil your children in your disagreements or use them as bargaining tools

• Ensure that you honour any ongoing commitments, particularly familial or financial, such as the children or the mortgage

• Obtain a Court Order; there is a common misconception that the settlement of financial matters is automatically included in the divorce process, but without the Order you are not protected from any future claims from your ex-spouse

• Open a separate bank account and ensure that all essential payments such as your salary are paid into it going forward

• Start planning for your financial future and take into consideration housing, any maintenance, bank accounts, etc.

It is very important to consult a specialist Divorce Solicitor whilst negotiating a divorce settlement as the process can be costly and time-consuming. Our team provide expert legal advice that will help secure your future financial position and wellbeing – and for any divorce law issue– our Divorce Solicitors offer a free, no strings attached, 30 minute initial interview.