Explaining the rise in divorce tourism

The supposed growth of ‘divorce tourism’ has been a topic of much discussion in recent years, even making headline news in The Times. 16% of divorces each year in England and Wales are believed to involve a foreign national. Furthermore, the number of relocation disputes heard in UK courts increased to 180 from 27 in 2007. There are also an increasing number of children being born to foreign parents in England and Wales with two thirds of children in London being born to at least one foreign parent.

It perhaps comes as no surprise then that London has been termed the ‘divorce capital of the world’, developing a reputation for awarding very generous financial shares to less wealthy spouses and allowing those dissatisfied with the results of their international divorces to have another shot at winning a more favourable financial share.

Below are some explanations for the rapid increase in overseas divorce and divorce tourism in particular:

• English courts are known to award favourable financial settlements

• Few countries are more multinational than England which is not only fairly easy travel to but attracts people from all around the world. In many child relocation cases, the problem exists because the parent came to the UK to work, marry or study for example only to wish to return to their country of origin following the break-up.

• Increased international travel means that parents can easily ‘abduct’ their children and will often bring them to the UK because it is deemed to be safe in comparison to other countries

• In certain countries the father can apply to be the main residential parent on the grounds that the mother’s residence is inadequate. Following divorce for example the mother may not have received financial provision and may also end up without residence of the children because the husband retained the family assets.

• A huge number of children are born to foreign parents

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