Introducing Family Arbitration – The Latest Effective Form of Dispute Resolution

At Bonallack & Bishop, we are committed to offering a quality, cost-effective and stress free service to our clients. Our clients have benefitted in recent years by our commitment to both the collaborative and family mediation approach to divorce and other areas of family law. Whilst these methods are not effective for everyone, they have helped many different couples to work through their divorce with less animosity and expense. It can also be quicker to use these methods which mean less heartache for any children involved in the divorce.

Family arbitration is the latest in this line of alternative routes towards resolving disputes arising from divorce. it is gives couples the opportunity to resolve their disputes out of court by choosing a neutral venue for discussions and an arbitrator who will oversee their case in its entirety before making a binding legal judgement at the end of negotiations. This can save months of waiting for a family court hearing and couples can choose to use the arbitration process for single issues rather than their entire divorce, unlike in the family courts.

Put simply, it’s like a cross between family mediation and court proceedings. No court  hearing is required and parties and the parties are represented throughout by their own divorce solicitors, but the arbitrator’s judgement is final and legally binding.

This approach has only come to the fore recently in Britain and as a result there are fewer than 40 trained family arbitrators across the UK as it stands. However, as a forward-thinking law firm, we believe that this will be an important alternative to court divorce for years to come and we intend to start offering family arbitration services in the near future.

It is therefore with great excitement that we can reveal that Mark Eyles, already an expert family and divorce law solicitor and trained collaborative lawyer, will begin training to qualify as a family arbitrator early in 2013.