Alternative methods of family law dispute resolution following your break-up

If you and your partner are set to separate or divorce, you may feel that the only way to sort out your financial disputes for example is to head to court. Whilst the courts’ extensive powers provide certain advantages – notably in compelling full disclosure from both parties and the power to redistribute assets – there are cheaper, faster and less acrimonious alternatives.

1. DIY: those looking for cheaper, faster alternatives to litigation often look to negotiate their financial settlement without the help of solicitors. Sometimes, this successfully shortens the process and avoids legal fees. However, those acting without legal advice are often unaware of their rights and make bad decisions. This option is not advisable.

2. Collaborative law: an agreement is reached between both partners and their lawyers over the course of numerous meetings. Prior to the first meeting, all involved sign an agreement committing to the process and the avoidance of court action. They are then compelled be honest, constructive during proceedings.

3. Family Mediation: in the presence of an unbiased mediator, parties meet to freely discuss their dispute and are encouraged to co-operate in order to reach a fair outcome for their divorce. In effect, the partners are placed in control.

4. Planning ahead: signing a prenuptial agreement can help guard against financial disputes which may arise following separation. Generally speaking, these agreements will be respected by courts provided that both partied knew what they were getting into when they signed the agreement. Unmarried couples can make similar cohabitation agreements.

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