Prohibitive Steps Orders

A prohibitive steps order is an order is to stop a parent from doing something in relation to the child.

For instance, a court could issue a prohibitive steps order that stops a parent from removing their child from the country unless they obtain consent from the other parent, someone else with parental responsibility or the court itself. This is something that might arise if one parent wanted to take a child on holiday, but there was an on-going custody dispute that meant the other parent was concerned the parent wouldn’t bring the children back. This issue can sometimes be related to issues surrounding child abduction, so if you are worried you should always seek legal advice from our specialist family law and divorce solicitors.

A prohibitive steps order could also stop a parent removing the child from the care of a particular person, and it is normally applied for by a parent who objects to something that the other parent is doing or wants to do in relation to the child. The role of the court is to examine all of the evidence in the case and make a ruling based on what would be best for the child.

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