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Divorce mediation and collaborative law can both be highly effective at resolving any disputed element of the divorce swiftly and with the minimum of ill feeling. Here, at Bonallack and Bishop, we are very strong supporters of both mediation and collaborative law – but they’re not right for everyone. Certainly if one or both parties is simply not willing to consider any form of compromise, views the whole issue of divorce and relationship breakdown as a battle to be fought and won, and looks for problems rather than solutions – then collaborative law or family mediation is probably not the way forward. Both approaches work particularly well when children are involved – where it is particularly important for the parents to remain on reasonably civil terms with each other. Click here for more information about

Family mediation and collaborative law – the key differences

A family mediator is impartial, neutral and dependent. The mediator is not there to advise of the parties but assist them reaching a settlement acceptable to both parties. In contrast, a collaborative lawyer represents you and you alone. If there is an imbalance of power in the relationship, or a history of bullying or even violence, then collaborative law is likely to be a better option. In collaborative law meetings, you are fully supported and represented by your collaborative lawyer – in family mediation you are on your own with your ex-partner and the family mediator as an impartial referee. Unlike mediation, collaborative lawyers are there to play the role of your advocate – to represent you and put your view forward to your ex-partner and their lawyer. In contrast, in a family mediation, even if you have the support and guidance from your own family lawyer, the actual meetings take place in their absence. Even if you do choose the mediation route, it is often most successful if both parties have their own divorce solicitor to provide appropriate support and legal advice. Only a relatively small number of family lawyers are fully trained and accredited family mediators or collaborative lawyers – click here to find out about the process of accreditation and white is so important.

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