Family mediation quicker and cheaper according to National Audit Office

We have long argued that family mediation and collaborative law are underexplored methods of dispute resolution which can offer better value for money and a quicker settlement of the disputes that arise from relationship breakdown than court proceedings. In our experience, family mediation helps avoid much the acrimony often associated with relationship breakdown, also giving parties more control over how to resolve their disputes and causing less stress to any children involved. However, aside from anything else, we think it saves time and money.

It would appear that we have been proved right. Figures released in the Value for Money Report commissioned by the National Audit Office show that couples can indeed settle their disputes faster and more cheaply by using family mediation instead of court proceedings to settle disputes. It should be noted that the report is now a few years out of date and contained figures for family mediation using what is now called legal aid, but nevertheless the general trend still supports our point.

Here are some of the reports findings:

• Family mediation on average cost clients £535, £2,288 less than the average cost per client for disputes needing court action.

• It took the courts nearly 450 days on average to sort out family law disputes, whereas it took 325 days less to settle such disputes using family mediation

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We consider that to be official evidence that family mediation is the way forward. If you wish to save time and money finalising some of the disputes involved in your divorce or relationship breakdown, you may wish to consider family mediation. Our family law team includes two jointly qualified and accredited specialist family lawyers/mediators.

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