The Financial Costs of Divorce

Divorce Solicitors’ fees vary depending on the particulars of your case but they will usually charge an hourly rate. You may also find that in different firms or even geographical areas the fees tend to be different and more senior solicitors with greater experience will tend to charge higher rates.

Our divorce team is made up of solicitors with different areas of expertise and levels of experience, meaning we can always find an arrangement that suits your budget and the requirements of your divorce case. Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with some of the most complex matters in divorce law, including overseas property and assets, difficult child arrangements, and complicated financial asset division.

Even though you are likely to be granted a divorce under English law without drawing up a financial settlement, the only way to ensure your financial security is to approach the court for help finalising a binding agreement for the division of belongings and finances with you ex-partner.

If you’re divorcing, it is essential to take the following into account:

• Whether there are children involved

• Whether there are particularly tricky problems to work out between yourself and your ex-husband/wife

• Whether any particularly complicated financial problems are involved e.g. overseas assets or property.

All of these things could require extra work from your divorce solicitor and therefore extra cost.

Possible Court Costs:

You should also consider the impact of the possible court costs detailed below (all estimates):

• Petitioning for divorce, the first stage in divorce proceedings presently costs £340

• Applying for a decree absolute, the concluding stage in divorce proceedings presently costs £45

• Obtaining a financial order also cost £45 at present.

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