Grandparents – your legal rights

People often forget that a relationship breakdown could affect the relationship between grandparent and grandchild as well as between parents and their children. Our family law solicitors have experience helping grandparents seeking contact or primary residence with their grandchildren.

Grandparents are often confused about what their rights are in relation to their grandchildren. Put very simply, English and Welsh law dictates that grandparents do not have any inherent rights with regards to their grandchildren – not even to have contact time with them.

It may be possible that grandparents will be able to forge an agreement with the grandchildren’s parents to have contact. However, in some cases family rift will be so deep that this is not an option.

What steps can you take?

Our family lawyers can help you in the following ways in order to earn access rights to your grandchildren:

• Applying for a residence order which would make your property the children’s home and make you the primary carer. This carries an extensive set of legal rights

• Looking for ways to obtain contact with the grandchildren without the need for a residence order

• Helping you in your dealings with social services and representing you if needed

• Explaining other court orders which may help to bring you into contact with your grandchildren

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Grandparents’ access is a tricky area of law requiring specialist knowledge so it is crucial that you instruct a specialist family lawyer to help. Our divorce and family team has the experience and expertise needed to help grandparents gain contact with their children.

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