Interfering in-laws at fault for 10% of divorces

Researchers have found that meddling in-laws are blamed for 10% of UK marriage breakdowns – an astonishing statistic.

Another major contributor to divorce and relationship break-ups is disagreement over everyday things such as disputes over how much a spouse goes out with their friends or how much they help around the house.

However, the study also revealed that, quite remarkably, 2 out of every 5 couples do not even talk about major things such as where they’ll live and whether or not they are going to have children before they get married.

The study, which was carried out by the Co-Operative Legal Services also discovered that the most common cause for marriage breakdown was that couples focus too heavily upon planning how, when and where they are going to tie the knot than they do on how they are going to spend married life together which leads to arguments later on.

Researchers interviewed individuals who were both married and divorced and found that around 65% had not talked about their ideal lifestyle or future careers with their partners or ex-partners which would have helped them gauge how the relationship may pan out. 2 in 5 also admitted that they have not talked about children and 9 in 20 admitted that they had not properly discussed where they would reside.

In response to the question, ‘what was the main cause of the divorce?’, 1 in 3 blamed infidelity, 1 in 7 claimed that their partner simply was not right for them and a 10th blamed different political outlooks. A further 11% claimed that intrusion from their partner’s family was to blame.

The in-laws were also the cause of underlying tensions in many cases. When asked about tensions bubbling under the surface, arguments about visiting parents and other family members were mentioned by 3 in 10 of those questioned. However, couples who were still going strong claimed that family had the most positive impact on their relationship although 1 in 5 claimed the opposite.

Perhaps unsurprisingly bearing in mind today’s economic crisis, 12% of divorcees claimed that financial woes such as redundancy, debt or inadequate personal finances were to blame for divorce. Selfishness, adultery and personality flaws remain the three most common causes of divorce though.

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