International divorce law advice – the complexity

In the UK and indeed in most developed countries nowadays, marriages are increasingly international – and so is divorce . 15% of marriages in the UK are international in one way or another – and this brings certain complications.

Different countries take very difficult angles on divorce and one need only look at Europe to discover the diversity of legal approached. Malta doesn’t award divorces at all, taking a very hard line approach, whereas countries in Scandinavia have a tendency to be very lenient when it comes to divorce and impose relatively very few restrictions.

In most countries the key justification for applying for divorce is being a resident in that country however this is not always the most important thing. In the UK for example, the concept of ‘domicile’ plays a crucial role.

Recent attempts to synchronize the process of getting divorced across the EU have led to the creation of a ‘divorce race’. It is now the case that divorce proceedings will take place in the jurisdiction where the application was first made. This has led to instances of couples rushing to get unhitched in different countries with one application being made just minutes before the other.

The introduction of this race means that spouses must choose carefully which country they file for divorce in. The financial share that a spouse receives could be very different in one country to another. The UK has a reputation internationally for overlooking the terms of pre-nuptial agreements and for giving large financial shares to spouses as maintenance. Other countries give set percentages of the wealthier spouse’s salary to the partner as maintenance.

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