Life begins at 60 for many newly-divorced

The increase in divorce rates amongst the over-60s has been described as a major social revolution by Ros Altmann, Director General of Saga following figures released by a parliamentary question. More than 11,500 were granted a divorce in 2009, an increase of four per cent in two years amongst the only age group in which the divorce rate is rising. This is compared with a fall of more than 11 per cent in the divorce rate for all other age groups.

On reaching retirement and without the routine of work to fill the day or once their children fly the nest, many over-60s discover they have nothing in common with their spouses and realise there is still time for new horizons and new perspectives. Many find new partners, remarry and even have children and it can be very difficult for their first families to see their older parents splitting up.

These statistics highlight the importance of adaptability to social change amongst specialist wills and family lawyers. As the divorce rate amongst over-60s is set to increase, this will likely have a profound impact on many families and there is increasing concern that solicitors could be dealing with a substantial increase in the number of cases involving contested wills within a couple of decades.

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