Divorce – put children first say 4 out of 5 people

Most people believe that children should come first in divorce, according to a brand new survey of 2018 people carried out by survey company ComRes, on behalf of Resolution, the national association of 6,500 family lawyers [and of which our four divorce lawyers are all members].

Most commentators seem to be remarking on the fact that the overwhelming number of people believe children should be put first. But looking at the statistics, they actually say that 78% believe that putting children first would be there first or second priority in divorce –surely I can’t be the only one who is stunned by the fact that a full 22% of those surveyed believe that children should not be put first or even second! And bear in mind, it is well established that people don’t always tell the truth to survey companies – if 22% of people admit not putting children first or second, what’s the betting that many more simply didn’t want to admit what they were thinking! Simply astounding.

One of the other most interesting findings from the survey is that 53% of people would prioritise trying to ensure that their divorce was is free of conflict is possible. That’s great. But again that means that a full 47% would not appear to be that bothered by avoiding conflict. The good news is that those 53% of people who are apparently looking to divorce with the minimum of bitterness and rancour, are increasingly well served by the spread of both collaborative law and family mediation – two family law approaches we heartily support and which aim to deal with divorce in exactly this way.

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