ONS releases latest divorce facts and figures

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published some revealing figures on the current divorce trends in England and Wales:

• Divorces up by 4.9% in the UK

• First annual increase for eight years

• Divorce rates fell during 2008 and 2009 but increased again in 2010

• 111,589 divorces in 2010 compared with 113,949 in 2009

• Early forties highest divorcing group

• The 2003 divorce rose to 153,065 compared with 147,735 the previous year

• ONS says the increases may possibly be linked with the difficult economic climate

• A similar trend to 1990-92, where divorce rates increased more markedly in 1993 than during the recession itself.

• First-time divorcees made up 70% of couples divorcing in 2010 whilst the remainder had at least one previously divorced or widowed spouse

• Two-thirds of decrees were granted to wives

• 55% of divorces granted to wives citing unreasonable behaviour by their husbands

• 35% of divorces granted to husbands cited unreasonable behaviour by their wives

• 33% of 1995 marriages annulled by their 15th anniversary

• 20% of 1970 marriages annulled inside 15 years

Civil Partnership dissolution also rose in 2010 which the ONS attributed to its novel status and the high increase in ceremonies

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