Our new collaborative lawyer

Here at Bonallack &  Bishop we are strong supporters of the whole collaborative law divorce process. In fact we are so enthusiastic about it as a way of what has been described of achieving a “friendly divorce”, that we managed to get our newest divorce lawyer, Kate Scammell, who joined our Andover office at the beginning of this month, already qualified as a collective lawyer – in under four weeks of joining us. 

Collaborative law certainly doesn’t work for everyone – but for those couples who are interested in a much quicker, less stressful, more respectful and less adversarial divorce and while prepared to work together towards a mutually acceptable solution [as distinct from some family law clients and some divorce solicitors who sadly see the whole divorce process as a battle to be fought and won], it can work brilliantly. Sadly not enough people yet understand what collaborative law is and how it can lead to a cleaner and frankly better divorce – which is why we are so keen to educate the public about both its availability and how it works in practice.