It’s surprisingly straightforward to instruct new divorce solicitors

There are many reasons why you might take the decision to seek new divorce solicitors to manage your case. It may simply be that you are divorcing and wish to be represented by different solicitors then you would usually use, your solicitor has moved to a different firm or you simply don’t want to risk local people knowing about your business and would therefore prefer to be represented by solicitors from completely different town or city. Alternatively, you may have come to the conclusion that family mediation or collaborative law could be the answer to your divorce – and your existing family lawyers simply don’t have the specialist qualifications. It needn’t be simply that relations have deteriorated to the point that there has been a breakdown in communication or you are dissatisfied with the way in which your current solicitor is dealing with matters on your behalf.

Instructing a new family solicitor is a relatively straightforward and inexpensive procedure which can be done regardless of whether you have just started proceedings or progressed further. We can request the transfer of your files from your current solicitor at any stage during the process in order that we can advise on the next step and begin acting for you immediately, once we have familiarised ourselves with your matters. This is of course subject to there not being an imminent court hearing and your current solicitor’s fees paid to date (including the payment of any final bill).

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