Strike the Right Balance During the Festive Season

Many people view Christmas as a time for family, which means that the festive period often creates tension between separated parents. At this time of year, our family law and divorce solicitors typically begin to receive various enquiries from parents concerning disputes with their ex-partners over childcare arrangements during the Christmas holidays. It’s really sad. Negotiations are often discordant, proving stressful for the competing parties. As a result, our family lawyers strongly recommend that arrangements are organised early in order to prevent negotiations running into the festive period and ensure that the children’s happiness is prioritised.

In most cases, the ideal arrangement would see children spending time with both parents on Christmas Day itself, but distance and other obstacles often make that dust simply impractical. Therefore, many parents opt to alternate Christmas days each year, with the other parent using Christmas Eve or Boxing Day almost as a “secondary Christmas”.  The best interests of the children remain of paramount importance – that’s the underlying principle of the Children Act and frankly it’s just good common sense.

If you are having problems agreeing contact arrangements for Christmas with your children’s other parent and if you think legal advice is necessary – don’t delay – contact one of our specialist family law team today.