UK women become happier immediately after divorce

A study carried out by Kingston University in London has found the happiness levels of UK women increase immediately after divorce proceedings are concluded.

A conservative research group in the US carried out a similar study many years ago and drew completely conclusions; however, the more recent UK survey found that women can remain far happier for as many as 5 years following their divorce than they were during their marriages. This happiness can even be higher than at any other point in their lives.

10,000 people surveyed – UK women happier after divorce

The results were published in the London School of Economics funded academic journal Economica and drew upon the responses of 10,000 UK residents aged between 16 and 60. Those surveyed were interviews multiple times over a 20 year period and they happiness was assessed following significant events in their life.

A similar trend was noted in men who also became happier following divorce but the effects were nowhere near as pronounced as they were amongst female participants.

Researched accounted for the ill-effects that getting a divorce can have on many women financially at yet it still became clear that their happiness levels shot up. A

So why would this be the case? Perhaps it is simply that women feel a far greater sense of liberation if they have entered into an unhappy relationship than men do however this is difficult to prove.

US and UK divorce – cultural differences?

It is also unclear why the UK results differed so markedly from the findings of the conservative US group, the Institute for American Values, which found that the happiness levels of recently divorced individuals were the same as married adults. Cultural differences may well have played a part in these very different findings.

An area of focus for the study was how individuals recover following significant events in their lives. The results suggest that Brits are very resilient to seemingly devastating changes in their lives such as divorce or the death of a spouse. Unemployment was shown to be anomalous though as both men and women were shown to react very negatively to being out of work.

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