New Grandparent Rights web site

We’ve just launched a new micro site is dedicated to the specialist grandparents legal rights service offered by our family lawyers. On the face of it, sadly grandparents have no automatic legal rights over their grandchildren – however, don’t despair – there are steps any grandparent can take if they’re having problems either with grandparents custody rights or issues surrounding grandparents access.

This web site deals with a variety of family law issues around the subject of UK grandparents rights, including custody of grandchildren [or residence to give it its modern term], access [or contact that is now known], the various orders that are available to grandparents, special guardianship orders and kinship care, enforcement of court orders, court procedure and the involvement of a Court and Family Reporting Officer, legal aid and legal costs, and parental responsibility for grandparents – not to mention details all about our specialist family lawyers and their experience.

For more information about grandparents law, get in touch with our specialist lawyers directly on [01264] 364433  today.

Please note that the specialist grandparents website referred to in this blog is no longer owned by or run by Bonallack and Bishop